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UPDATED MAY 23, 2020 (I'm back! Although I've never left! I've just been away from updating.)

MONOLOGUES ADDED on MAY 23, 2020, the birthday of actor Douglas Fairbanks (1883-1939), actor Scatman Crothers (1910-1986), singer-songwriter Jewel, and director Ryan Coogler ... Death Sentence ... Gremlins ... Just Mercy ... Nashville ... Slacker ... Snowpiercer ... Wind River ... plus two monologues from the late James Avery on the TV series "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", and one from the novel "The Stand" by Stephen King. Peace onto you and yours. Hope this finds you and finds you well. I don't know when the new update will occur, but I'm always around for monologue donations, questions, and for sending the monologues that have to be by request-only.

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