A montage of shots from Kermit singing "The Rainbow Connection

Kermit riding along on his bicycle

"Drinks are on the house!" -Fozzie fooling El Sleezo patrons

Fozzie driving, Kermit navigating: Moving Right Along

Introduction to the Electric Mayhem

Animal, Zoot, Floyd and Janice getting down

Dr. Teeth & Animal painting the Studabaker

Gonzo & Camilla Forever

(From left, back row: Beaker, Scooter, Janice, Animal, Rowlf, Dr.Teeth, Floyd, Zoot; front row: Fozzie, Kermit, Miss Piggy)
Richard Pryor selling balloons to a Whatever and a chicken

Introduction of Miss Piggy, beauty pageant winner

Waiter Steve Martin serves a pig and a frog on a date

Mad scientist Mel Brooks threatens Kermit

Rowlf around the campfire

Introduction to Dr.Bunsen Honeydew & assistant Beaker

Kermit in a showdown with Doc Hopper and his gang

"We did it!"--success at Hollywood at last

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