"Somebody's Getting Married / He'll Make Me Happy"

written by Ralph Burns and Jeff Moss

(Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are finally married in front of an audience of both "Muppet Show" and "Sesame Street" performers. This is addressed in the FAQ, but if you're looking for the sheet music for either of these songs, please email me at colin@whysanity.net as I may be able to help.)

Extra! Extra! Somebody's getting married!

Bear 2:
Somebody's getting married? HEY, somebody's getting married!

Bear 3:
Whoa, somebody's getting married!

Somebody's getting married???

Lew Zealand:
Somebody's getting marrrrieeeed!

Somebody's getting married! Somebody's getting married! Somebody's getting somebody's getting somebody's getting somebody somebody somebody somebody...! [etc.]

Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Scooter:
Somebody get some flowers!
Somebody get a ring!
Somebody get a chapel and a choir to sing!

Somebody get an organ to play!

Singing Tuxedos:
Cause somebody's getting married today!

[a bit of the 'end of ceremony' music played]

Miss Piggy, Janice, Camilla:
Somebody get a preacher!
Somebody bake a cake!
Somebody get some shoes and rice and presents to take!

Miss Piggy:
Somebody get a sweet negilee!

Singing Veils:
Cause somebody's getting married today!

Swedish Chef:
Veddeeng! Veddeeng! Peeg und fruggeee veddeeng!

Somebody get champagne!
Somebody rent a room!

Somebody get the lovely bride!
And somebody get the-

Somebody get the-

[Kermit and Piggy are hustled off stage by their respective groomsmen and bridesmaids as their characters are not supposed to see each other before the wedding.]

Somebody somebody somebody somebody somebody--!

Female Voices:
Somebody get this wedding underway!

Swedish Chef:
Coose-a sumebudy's getteeng merreeed tudey!

(Musical bridge)

Bear Family:
Somebody's getting married....today!

[In Church]

Are they here yet, are they here yet, did I miss it, am I late?
No, they're be here any minute!
Cookie Monster:
Oh boy, me can hardly wait.
Isn't this exciting? It's the wedding of the year!
Sam The Eagle:
Well, can't we start without them?
Muppet News Anchorman:
No, you can't until they're here.
Sam: Hmm.
Chorus of Penguins:
They're fin-all-y getting ma-rrr-ied now!

(Musical bridge, sounds of wedding bells)

Miss Piggy:
He'll make me happy
Each time I see him
He'll be the reason
My heart can sing
He'll stand beside me
And now I'm everything.

She'll make me happy
Each time I hold her
And I will follow
where my heart may lead
And she'll be all I'll ever need

Days go passing into years

Old Ladies:
Years go passing day by day.

Pig Family
She'll make him happy
Now and forever

Frog Family
Until forever
their love will grow

Muppet Family
She only knows
he'll make her happy
That's all she needs to know.

They'll be so happy
Now and forever
Until forever
their love will grow-

Miss Piggy:
I only know
He'll make me happy

That's all I need...to...know...

Kermit: (whispering): I thought Gonzo was going to play the minister...
Piggy giggles, guilty.

Do you, Piggy, take this frog to be your lawful wedded husband--do you?

Miss Piggy:
I do...

Do you Froggie take this Pig to be your lawful wedded wife until you die?

Well, I? Well....I...?

Do you?

(gulp). I do...

Then because you share a love so big
I now pronounce you frog and pig.

Celebration, cheering from all the Muppets. Penguins evidently are tossed or throw themselves into the air.)

What better way could anything end?
Hand in hand with a friend.

FIN (get it?)

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