The FAQ to the Muppet Movies Lyric Archive

1. How did you happen to start this site?
Truthfully, I don't think anyone has ever asked me this question, per se, but I think it's a good story. One late night in my Student Activities at my college (since graduated) Lewis & Clark College, I was running across the newsgroup (on the former and happened upon a woman who needed the lyrics to the "Somebody's Getting Married" medley that concludes "The Muppets Take Manhattan." She sounded desperate; her message was a few days old and no one had come to her help (apparently). I had made a cassette tape copy of the incredibly-rare "Muppets Take Manhattan" soundtrack (off the original vinyl LP that the college radio station owned) a few months before. I went back to my room and took a couple hours transcribing the song perfectly (which is difficult since the audio quality isn't the best). By 1:00 am, I had finished and sent it to the woman (who wrote me back, very grateful).
And by the time I fell asleep, I had decided to create this site. People always seemed to be looking for the lyrics to "Moving Right Along" or "Rainbow Connection" on the newsgroup...this site would be the definitive source. I had to transcribe most of the songs myself from the soundtracks; most of the "Great Muppet Caper" songs were transcribed painstakingly from the video itself. I created the first version of the site that Saturday. Then after Yahoo accepted it, it became one of Yahoo's Picks of the Week and had 5,000 hits in one day and warranted an irritated email from the server management. I took a couple days in total to conceive and create this site and it became the most popular I had ever done. I had a lot of emails about soundtracks and Muppet identities in those days...I'm not complaining, it was a true honor.

2. Where may I find and purchase the Muppet soundtracks?
Unfortunately, Muppet soundtracks are almost impossible to find. The "Muppet Movie" and "Great Muppet Caper" soundtracks were last released 1993 and quickly went entirely out-of-print. The soundtracks to "Muppets Christmas Carol" & "Treasure Island" are also out-of-print and very hard-to-find. Copies can be found via Ebay.
HOWEVER - A BIG HOWEVER - in September 2002, Rhino Records released "Muppet Show: Music Mayhem & More - 25th Anniversary Collection" which does include some tracks from each of the Muppet movies. While not ideal, this is an excellent option. (It is notable that while this album is excellent, it does not include the full version of "Somebody's Getting Married" -- it does include the "He'll Make Me Happy" duet between Kermit and Piggy.

3. Where can I find the Muppet videos?
"The Muppet Movie", "The Great Muppet Caper", and "The Muppets Take Manhattan" were released on DVD in June 2001. They have since gone out-of-print. I would suggest Amazon or Ebay, although you should (unfortunately) expect to pay an inflated price. If you're willing and/or able to wait, new editions will be released sometime in the near future (if I knew when, I'd say). :-)

4. Why don't you have the lyrics within "Muppets Christmas Carol" or "Muppets Treasure Island" on your site?
First of all, I didn't particularly like either of them. I think they were poorly written and poorly constructed (although I am sure JHP had the best intentions originally). They do not measure up to what I have been referring to as the three originals whatsoever. You'll notice that my Yahoo blurb says, "lyrics from the first three (and best) Muppet movies." Second, I don't even consider them to be true Muppet movies. The main characters in both movies are human and not very interesting or funny humans besides. Never before has a human played such an extensive and vital role to the film as Tim Curry (as Long John)...not even Doc Hopper in the first Muppet Movie (and he was amusing). The Muppets play minor roles and the beloved regulars (Fozzie, Miss Piggy, the Electric Mayhem) are reduced to mere cameos. Third, the songs aren't very catchy or memorable or inspiring or emotional as they were in the other movies. The tragic loss of Jim Henson affected the production company to an extreme, not to mention the reduced role of (director) Frank Oz within JHP. The short answer: the best things come in threes. Three is a magic number.

5. Where may I find the lyrics to the Muppet Show Theme and/or the Sesame Street Theme?
For your viewing pleasure, they are right here and here (respectively).

6. Where may I find sheet music for "Rainbow Connection" or other Muppet songs?
Try There's a book entitled "Favorite Songs from Jim Henson's Muppets" which appears to be particularly good. It includes the songs: AB/C/DEF/GHI, Green (Bein' Green), 'C' Is For Cookie, Dream For Your Inspiration, The First Time It Happens, Fraggle Rock Theme, Happiness Hotel, It's Up To You, Mahna Mahna, Movin' Right Along, The Muppet Show Theme, Muppet Babies Theme, The Rainbow Connection, Rubber Duckie, and Saying Goodbye. I am not affiliated with this site in any way, shape or form; this is simply a friendly suggestion from one Muppet fan to another. As for other Muppet songs, that's considerably more difficult. You might ask your local librarian if your library has a interlibrary loan affiliation. Since all the Muppet movies were musicals, there were sheet music books for them (now out-of-print), and your library may be able to borrow them from another library. What if I need the sheet music to "Somebody's Getting Married" and/or "He'll Make Me Happy" for a very important day in my life or in the life of a loved one? Let me know @ I may be able to help. Yes, the e-mail still works, it is valid, so no need to worry that I will not reply.

7. Where may I find the lyrics for (various) Sesame Street songs?
No question about it. The only place to go is the very excellent, very comprehensive Sesame Street Lyrics Archive site (maintained by Tiny Dancer) here

8. Where can I find Muppet mp3s or Muppet sound files? Will you send me an mp3/sound file if I ask you? What happened to the Muppet MP3 of the Week?
I am not able to continue the MP3 of the Week feature. If you need an mp3 desperately, for some important reason or cause, well -- write me. ( Tell me your situation, and I promise I will do my best to help (if I have what you're looking for, of course). I have a heart too, you know. I promise you will get some kind of response. However, if my generosity is abused, my generosity will be no more (on a case-to-case basis).

9. What's the name of those two old hecklers in the balcony?
Their names are Statler & Waldorf. In case you were wondering, Statler is pronounced STAT-ler, not STATE-ler. How do you tell them apart? Waldorf has the Wider Face (W). Who did the original voices? Richard Hunt was the voice of Statler, Jim Henson played Waldorf. Their voices are now (respectively) done by Jerry Nelson (Statler) and Dave Goelz (Waldorf). And the name of the guy that thew the fish was Lew Zealand. And the song "Mahna Mahna" was sung by a character named Mahna Mahna and two pink creatures named Snowths (and yes, it is on the new Muppet album referenced above.).

10. I need "Rainbow Connection" (or some other Muppet-related song) for my (wedding or some other important landmark event), please help me?
Write me. I will help or try to help. The song may be on the aforementioned album. If you have any questions, contact me.

11. Who does the speaking and singing voice of Miss Piggy?
The speaking and singing voice of Miss Piggy is done by original Muppeteer and film director Frank Oz ("What About Bob?" and "Bowfinger" among others)

13. No, really...who does the voice of Miss Piggy?
Yes, it's really Frank Oz.