Whales of August
written by David Berry

Sarah: Forty-six years, Phillip. Forty-six red roses; forty-six white. White for truth--red for passion. That's what you always said: "Passion and truth; that's all we need." I wish you were here, Phillip. I don't know what to do about Libby. She seems to have become so bitter. She was cruel about Mr. Maranov and she won't have our picture window. She says we're too old-our lives are over. I don't think I can manage her much longer. Oh, if only you were here, Phillip. Oh, Phillip, my corset has so many stays and so many ties. You said, "Too many, my love. The moon will set before I have you completely undone." But I said, "Never, my love. I won't be entirely undone--even by you. For what mystery would keep you with me if you unwrap them all?"

Kudos and immense thanks go to Lori Hollingsworth for transcribing this monologue and donating it to my site.

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