Killing Each Other with Hate
written by Ernest Lehman, Jerome Robbins, & Arthur Laurents

(Maria is kneeling over Tony's murdered body)
Maria: (to both gangs) Stay back!!
(She stands, and puts her hand out to Chino, motioning for the gun. Dazed, he gives it to her)
Maria: How do you fire this gun Chino? By pulling this little trigger!? How many bullets are left Chino? Enough for YOU? Or YOU? All of you!! You ALL killed him! And my brother! And Riff! Not with bullets and knives! With HATE! Well, I can kill now too, because now I have hate!!! How many can I kill Chino? How many -- and still have one bullet left for me? Don't touch him!! (she kneels down next to Tony's body) Te adoro Anton.

Kudos and much thanks go to CVine for this monologue, it is very much appreciated. Much thanks also to Rusty for some additions/corrections. Thanks to Jonah for a small but important correction.

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