The Way of the Gun
written by Christopher McQuarrie

Parker: I was up on this robbery bit, with a public defender. I was looking at my first long stretch. Outta nowhere this uptown lawyer comes to see me, says he can get me off. Says he'll do it for free. I just gotta do a favor in return. And he tells me about this teacher who's molesting his son. I went up alone. Didn't make a sound. Nice thick carpeting on the stairwell, light busted in the hall...And the door was open, man. Like it was meant to be. And I slipped in and I found him in the bedroom. Naked, with all these pictures on the bed. Man, that lawyer was right. He was more than right. And I turned around, and I didn't hit him...I didn't hit him, I just said, "Lay on the bed. Face down." And he did. I was savoring it...really, really enjoying it, thinking about how I was gonna take a Polaroid of this and send it to this lawyer, so maybe he could sleep better at night, and maybe take one for myself so I could...And then I heard him praying. "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep." And you know something? It stayed with me. It bothered me. Of all the people I done it to, that had to be the one I felt, and to this day I can't go to sleep until I say that prayer.
Longbaugh: You wanna get out now? You wanna quit? This is never gonna come your way again.
Parker: What if the day comes and you're face down waiting? And what if in that final fleeting second of life, you start to believe in God? What are you gonna have to give him? What will you say in your defense?

Kudos and much thanks go to TMR for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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