Vieux Carre
written by Tennessee Williams

Jane: I'm afraid I didn't take that too seriously. Not since I lived with my parents in New Rochelle, New York, before I went to college, I have been told to be in at a certain hour, and even then I had my own key and disregarded the order more often than not. However! I am going to tell you where I have been tonight. I have gone to the all-night drug store, Waturbury's on Canal Street, to buy a spray can of black flag, which is an insect repellent. I took a cab there and made this purchase because, Mrs. Wire, when I opened the window with out a screen in my room, a cockroach, a flying cockroach, flew right into my face and was followed by a squadron of others. Well! I do not have an Oriental, a Buddhistic tolerance for certain insects, least of all a cockroach and even less a flying one. Oh, I've learned to live reluctantly with the ordinary pedestrian kind of cockroach, but to have one fly directly into my face almost gave me convulsions! Now as for the window with out a screen, if a screen has not been put in that window by tomorrow, I will buy one for it myself and deduct the cost from next month's rent.

Kudos and much thanks go to JENNIETIGR for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.