written by Samuel A. Taylor & Alec Coppel

(Judy (aka Madeleine) sits down to write Scottie just a few moments after he, bewildered and still grasping at his sanity, has left his apartment)
Judy: Dearest Scottie. And so you found me. This is the moment that I dreaded and hoped for, wondering what I would say and do if I ever saw you again. I wanted so to see you again just once. Now I'll go, and you can give up your search. I want you to have peace of mind. You've nothing to blame yourself for. You were the victim. I was the tool and you the victim of Gavin Elster's plan to murder his wife. He chose me to play the part because I looked like her. He dressed me up like her. He was quite safe because she lived in the country and rarely came to town. He chose you to be the witness to a suicide. The Carlotta story was part real, part make you testify that Madeleine wanted to kill herself. He knew of your illness. He knew you'd never get the stairs to the tower. He planned it so well. He made no mistakes. I made the mistake. I fell in love. That wasn't part of the plan. I'm still in love with you, and I want you so to love me. If I had the nerve, I'd stay and lie...hoping that I could make you love me I am, for myself, and so forget the other and forget the past. But...I don't know whether I have the nerve to try.
(She stands. And very deliberately, Judy tears up the letter and puts away her clothes and the suitcase)

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