Varsity Blues
written by W. Peter Iliff

Moxon: This has to do with all of us. We kill ourselves for you. Year round, we play hurt, we play sick and most of that time we play afraid that we're gonna screw up because you don't give a fuck about us because all you care about is your next district title.
Coach Kilmer (Jon Voight): Give him the shot.
(referring to a painkiller the staff is about to give their injured QB)
Moxon: You give him that shot and you find yourself another fuckin' quarterback. Kilmer: You're about ready to lose that scholarship.
Moxon: If it keeps that needle out of Wendell's leg, fuck it, I'm out.
Kilmer: Oh, that's good, that's real good. Tweeder, you take the snaps.
Tweeder (Scott Caan): No, I won't. No. I'm out, Coach.
Billy Bob (Ron Lester): I'm with them.
Moxon: Only way we're goin' back out on that field is without you.
(Angrily, Kilmer lunges at Moxon and has to be restrained)
Kilmer: (flustered, but as if nothing has happened) Alright, get your helmets on! Let's take the field, let's go, let's go, let's go now, let's go goddammit, I'm walkin' out that door, I want you all to trust me, and follow me out there...let's go, let's go, let's go after that title now, let's go, let's go...
(Kilmer stands outside lost and alone, and walks away. Everyone inside is confused.)
Moxon: Before this game started Kilmer said 48 minutes for the next 48 years of our lives. I say fuck that. I say fuck that. Let's go out there and play the next 24 minutes for the next 24 minutes and leave it all on the field. We have our whole lives to be mediocre but we have the chance to play like gods for the next half of football. But we cant be afraid to lose. There's no room for fear in this game. If we go out there and we half-ass it because we're scared then all we're left with is an excuse. We're always gonna wonder. But if we go out there and give it absolutely everything, I say we're gonna win. Let's be heroes! Come on! Come on...!
(A lot of yelling and screaming. The team rallies together for the second half)

Kudos and much thanks go to BlinkFan for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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