Little Friendly Call
from the TV series created by Tom Fontana

(Tobias Beecher (Lee Tergesen) is the bitch of white supremist Schillinger (JK Simmons): a prisoner within the prison. HNe constantly tortures and torments Beecher. Beecher is coming back to their shared cell after a visit with his wife.)

Schillinger: How was it?
Beecher: Good.
Schillinger: Good? You come from a night of wild sex with the only woman you love and you tell me it was good? Hope you don't mind that I found these pictures of your family. I'm amazed you've never showed me these before. You have a beautiful family. (long pause) My wife is dead. I got two sons, though. Seventeen and sixteen. Handsome fucking kids too. Good Aryan stock. My sons are devoted to me. I am an icon to them because I went to prison for my beliefs. They would do anything I asked them to. Steal, maim, kill. Maybe I should have them go visit your family. Huh? Just a little friendly call, what do you think? My sons and your wife? My sons and your daughter?
(Beecher tears up the photos)