written by Hal Hartley

Paine: What kind of questions do you have?
Maria: I don't know.
Paine: Do you want to have an abortion?
Maria: I don't know.
Paine: Do you have a boyfriend?
Maria: No.
Paine: Who is the father?
Maria: There is no father.
(Paine holds the girl's stubborn gaze a moment. Maria looks back down. Paine watches her, then takes off her nurse's cap. She reaches down into her desk drawer and takes out a fifth of bourbon and two shot glasses. Marie looks on surprised, but not shocked.)
Paine: (of bourbon) You?
Maria: Sure.
(Paine pours and they drink. They sit in silence, enjoying their bourbon. Then...)
Maria: You know, I'm looking at this guy, right? And I looked at him a lot before. So now I know that I've got this little piece of him actually in me. Physically IN me. And it makes me feel completely different. I don't know, sorta special or something. And so I'm talking to him. I'm talking to him and I realize... I'm talking to him and I realize that he doesn't even see me. And I wonder what it was he was seeing when we did this. I go over it in my head and I know now what he's seeing. It's really simple. He's seeing my legs. He's seeing my breasts. My mouth. My ass. He's seeing my cunt. (looks up at Paine) How could I have been so stupid? That's really all there is to see, isn't it?

Kudos and much thanks go to Mitchell for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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