The Quiet
written by Abdi Nazemian & Micah Schraft

Nina Deer: Life sucks, Dot. I feel like I can tell you this. I feel like I can be honest because you can't hear. Or can you? Look at you, eating your sandwich like a piglet while I talk. Strangely comforting... When I first met you, I mean when you first moved in, I hated you. I hated your face, your dumb blank stare. But now that I feel like I know you again that's all changed. It's so nice to know there's someone whos life sucks more than mine. (whispers) I'm gonna kill my dad Dot. Tonight. I hate him you know. I hate him and I love him. I hate it when he won't let me go out with my friends, but I love it when he fucks me. I hate it when he fucks me too, though. See how that works? Doesn't make any sense. He likes it when I bite on his nipples though. I stick the tip of his nipple between my teeth... and I rub my tongue back and forth on it, like a windshield wiper. (she emulates, using Dot's finger) Drives him wild. I made him come once just by sucking on his nipples. I didn't even need to touch his dick once. I love that I can tell you this shit, cause it's like it's off my chest but it's still a secret, you know? Michelle's dad's got a gun. I know where it is. But I figure it'd be too gross. You know, with Mom's decorating and all. Although she's probably already joining Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe in Pill Popper's Paradise. Just like an 'E!' True Maradin story. I'm gonna do it late. Mom won't wake up, nah. You can't hear. It'll just be me, my daddy, and a bullet. Michelle's gonna steal it for me this afternoon. (slams hand on table) Pow...

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