From the play "Tea"
written by Velina Hasu Houston

Himiko: I was born in a storm and it's never stopped raining. My only blessing is Mieko, my half-Japanese girl. I love her so much, but she was born in my storm, too. For years, I tried to talk to her, but she wasn't ready. (a sad laugh) Mieko is so fast, I only know what she looks like from behind. Because she's always leaving, her big Japanese o-shiri swaying like a flower, out looking for dreams she thinks men are going to give her. So it was a Saturday in may. Mieko wants to make me worry, so she hitchhikes. She's gone three days. Then the big policeman comes. "Do you have a daughter named Mieko? When's the last time you saw her, Mrs. Hamilton?" (breathes hard and fast; forces composure) The last time I saw Mieko is in the dusk. She looks so Japanese, her shoulders curving like gentle hills. "Perfect kimono shoulders," her grandmother would say. (a beat) Mieko came home today. Someone made her dirty, stabbed her in the chest many times and then raped her as she died. Left a broom inside my little girl's body. Her brassiere was shredded by the knife. (a beat) There is no one for me; there never was. Even my sisters of Japan cannot bless me with sandals to cover my blistered feet as I prepare for the longest journey. (looks around) Billy, is that you? Before it's too late, tell me the truth. You loved me, didn't you? Once. Once there was nobody like me. Now that I know, I can go on without you, Billy. I see you there, waiting in the mist, your strong arms ready to hold me for one last dance. But I'm going another way. Like bamboo, I sway back and forth in the wind, bending but never breaking. Never again. The war is over. Mother? Is that you? Are you waiting for me, too? (brief, absolute delight, addressing Mieko when she was five) Mieko-chan, I see you dancing in my best kimono: all light and laughter and ...clean! (the delight fades) No, you all have to let me go now. I have a long walk ahead of me. All ties are unbound, as completely as if they never existed.

Kudos and much thanks go to Vanessa for the donation of this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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