Last Tango in Paris
written by Bernardo Bertolucci, Franco Arcalli, & Agnes Varda, also improvised by Marlon Brando

Jeanne (Maria Schneider): Why don't you go back to America?
Paul: I don't know. Bad memories, I guess.
Jeanne: Of what?
Paul: My father was a...a drunk. Tough, whore fucker, bar fighter, super masculine, and he was tough. My mother was very...very poetic. And also a drunk. All my memories when I was a kid was of her being arrested nude. We lived in this small town. Farming community. We lived on a farm. Well, I'd come home after school and she'd be gone -- in jail or something. And I used to have, I used to have to milk a cow. Every morning and every night. And I liked that. But I remember one time I was all dressed up to go out and take this girl to a basketball game. And I started to go out and my father said, "You have to milk the cow." And I asked him, "Would you please milk it for me?" And he said, "No, get your ass out there." So I went out, and I was in a hurry and didn't have time to change my shoes, and I had cow shit all over my shoes, and on the way to the basketball game it smelled in the car. And ... I don't know... I just... I can't remember very many good things.
Jeanne: Not one?
Paul: Yeah. Some. There was a farmer, very nice guy. Old guy, very poor and worked real hard, and I used to work in a ditch draining land for farming,. And he wore overalls, and he smoked a clay pipe. Half the time he wouldn't put tobacco in it. And I hated the work. It was hot and dirty, broke my back. All day long I'd watch the spit which would run down the pipe stem and hang on the bowl of the pipe. And I used to make bets with myself on when it was gonna fall off. And I always lost. I never saw it fall off. I'd just look around and it'd be gone and then the new one would be there. And then we had a beautiful... Well, my mother taught me to love nature. And...I guess that was the most she could do. And in front of our house, we had this big field, was a mustard field in the summer, and we had a big black dog named Dutchy, and she used to hunt for rabbits in that field. But she couldn't see them, and so she'd have to leap up in this mustard field, look around very quickly to see where the rabbits were, and it was very beautiful. She never caught the rabbits.
Jeanne: You have been had!
Paul: Oh really?
Jeanne: (imitating Paul) "I don't wanna know anything about your past, baby."
Paul: Think I was telling you the truth? ... Maybe. Maybe.