The Mission Is Incomplete
written by Ross Cooper, from an unproduced unpurchased "Terminator 3"

Sarah: Let's see what we can do for you.
General Connor: I'll save you some time. You can do nothing.
Sarah: How do you know?
General Connor: Because of the way I am now, an aberration with human mind, soul, feelings inside a machine body. My death is a near impossibility my life after death a fleeting dream I cannot comprehend. I constantly come to the verge of hating my continuing existence so much, that there is only one thing that keeps me from ending it all. The Mission, Sarah. It keeps me going, it fuels my blood, it makes me whole. Every time I see the bleached bones, when I hear the Hunter/Killers screech overhead....when I stare into the eye sockets of an accusing childs skull. When I see the cities in tattered ruins the pain returns. I remember the flashes of light opening like mouths into hell. I remember Los Angeles becoming like the Arctic. The mutations the fallout the Billions of dead.....I remember the rise of the Terminators, the human slave camps, loading the bodies into the incinerators. I remember the Legendary Crazy Willie blowing us out of the containment camp. I remember running and running and going into the sewers to hide. Unfortunately I remember eating my first sewer sausage because I had to throw it up. I remember the Barcode. The red eye of the Terminator the cold steel of its grip. Personally commanding a group of soldiers from many nations. Any that could hold a weapon sent into battle. Knowingly sending thousands to their death. Never seeing the sunrise, becoming a nocturnal underground species. Yet every so often I'd see a dirt smeared family, a mother and child. And it would all snap into focus. The Mission, to survive and destroy Skynet. To save the innocents. Nothing could get in the way, no soldier kept from the field of battle. The strobing lights, the lethal blasts, the grinding treads. And death, Death....DEATH! For a small chance at a distant victory, a nuclear cloud with a silver lining. As the War against the Machines raged we advanced and retreated, won and lost. We never lost the vision never rescinded the motto. must battle on, for the future is not set, there is no fate but that which we make for ourselves. I had to send you Sarah, I had to send you just like everybody else. You were not exempt although I wished that you were. You never asked to be spared. You went out on Recons, did what was needed to complete the mission. But the Mission is not over. The Mission is incomplete.

Kudos and much thanks go to Ross Cooper for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.