Suspect Zero
written by Zak Penn & Billy Ray

Benjamin O'Ryan: Are you afraid? Are you afraid? because from here at this point start praying. I see a lot of that. I haven't heard too many answers though. You are alone. Come on. Why are you afraid? Come on now. The boy? Must be extremely satisfying to hear yourself say something so heroic. I am almost envious. The boy is in pieces under the bed. Now are you afraid? I know what you're thinking. "Pain is coming, but I'll take it like a man." But let me put you at ease. You wont. None of them do. Men, women, children, they all weep. They all beg. They pass out. They piss themselves. They attempt negotiations. You wont believe how many men I have seen lying right where you are lying now. Grown men with wives and children at home, offering all kinds of sexual gratification for five minutes reprieve. it's pathetic. Are you afraid? Then there's that moment when they realize there's nothing left to negotiate. They're just mine and they're helpless. And the look. The look in their eyes, the level of surrender, it's almost pornographic. I put that mirror here. I didn't want you to miss it. Are you afraid? Are you afraid? Are you afraid? Open your eyes. Open your eyes God damn it or I'll cut the fucking lids off.

Kudos and much thanks go to Jason for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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