A Straight Story
written by John Roach & Mary Sweeney

Alvin: Well, they may be mad. But I don't think they're mad enough to want to lose you or your little problem.
Girl: I don't know about that.
Alvin: Well, of course neither do I, but, uh, but a warm bed and a roof sounds a might better than eating a hotdog on a stick with an old geezer that's traveling on a lawnmower. (the girl laughs pleasantly) My daughter Rose is...some people call her a little bit slow but she's not. She's got a mind like a bear trap, for facts. She keeps everything organized around the house. She was a real good mom. She had four kids. One night, somebody else was watching the kids an' there was a fire. Her second boy got burned real bad. Rose had nothing to do with it, but, uh, on the account of the way Rose is, the state figured she wasn't competent to take care of them kids. And they took them all away from her. There isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't pine for those kids.
When my kids were real little I used to play a game with them. I'd give them each one of them a stick, one for each of them, and I'd say, you break that. 'Course they could, real easy. Then I'd say, tie those sticks in a bundle and try to break that. 'Course they couldn't. Then, I'd say, that bundle -- that's family.