Stick It
written by Jessica Bendinger

Haley Graham: It's the same old championships but I am a totally different person. And even though I am pretty sure I will be judged for who I was and not who I am I know I have to face this. Four events and four judges per event. That's sixteen judges ready to tell us just how badly we suck. Sixteen people ready to tell us just how perfect we're not. But here we are chasing perfection. The problem is, perfection doesn't exist. But just try telling that to the judges.
It doesn't matter how hard we run or how high we flip. Leave your hands on the vault table too long, deduction. If you use one arm instead of two, big deduction. And if your feet clip the vault before they hit the floor, you're done. So you say you want lyrics in your floor music…haha… huge deduction. The music finishes but you don't, two tenth deduction. It doesn't matter how well you do. It's how well you follow their rules. And that just blows.

Kudos and much thanks go to Jessica for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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