Deserved Better
from the TV series created by Aaron Sorkin

(Back story (from the contributor): sports anchor Dan Rydel (Josh Charles) is quoted in a magazine to the effect that he supports the legalization of marijuana. Not true. He just thinks it's a health issue, not a criminal issue. The legal eagles from Sports Night hover around him like legal vultures forcing him to do an on-air apology. In the same interview, he says, "I haven't used drugs in eleven years." Not ten, not in the vicinity, exactly eleven years today. He asked the eagles, "Who am I apologizing to?" The answer is not "Your viewers.")
Casey (Peter Krause): Dan?
Dan: (steadily into camera) This network, the Continental Sports Channel, has asked me to clarify some remarks I made in a publication that hit your newsstands this morning. It is possible that one could come away from this article with the impression that I don't believe that drugs are a destructive and deadly force in our culture, our economy and on the lives of our children. (very long pause)
Natalie (Sabrina Lloyd): Uh-oh.
Dave (Jeff Mooring): Talk to me, Dana.
Dana (Felicity Huffman): Stay with him.
Natalie: (into headset) Casey, be ready to take us to commercial.
Isaac (Robert Guillaume): (softly) Come on, Daniel.
Dan: (into camera) I have a younger brother named Sam. Sam's a genius. I mean, literally. As a kid, he tested off the charts. The first computer I ever had, he built from a kit he bought with money he earned tutoring other kids in math. He's energetic and articulate, curious and funny. A great source of pride to our parents. And there's no doubt that he'd be living a great life right now, except for that he's dead. Because when you're fourteen years old, all you ever really want to be is your sixteen year old brother. And in my case, that meant smoking a lot of dope. The day I went off to college was the day Sam got his driver's license. And he celebrated by going for a drive with some of his friends. Drunk and high as a paper kite. He never saw the red light that he ran. And he probably never saw the eighteen-wheel truck that put him into the side of a brick bank, either. (long pause) That was eleven years ago tonight. And I just wanted to say... I'm sorry, Sam. You deserved better in my hands. And I apologize. (pause) That's all. Casey and I will be right back after this with the American League wrap-up. You're watching Sports Night on CSC, so don't go away.
Dave: We're out.
(Dead silence in control room)

Kudos and much thanks go to Templeton for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.