The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
written by written by Delia Ephron & Elizabeth Chandler, from the novel by Ann Brashares

Lena: Papou, I need to say something to you. You can pretend that you don't understand me, but I know you do. People have always said to me that I take after Yia Yia, that I have her face and her smile, but what no-one ever sees is that there's this whole other part of me that's just like you: quiet, and-and stubborn, and afraid of showing too much... and then I met someone who changed everything and he showed me that I can take a chance even when it's only for a moment ...
Yia Yia (Maria Konstadarou): Lena!
Papou (George Touliatos): Shh.
(Greek dialogue)
Papou: Shh.
(Greek dialogue)
Lena: You had that same moment once, when you met Yia Yia and you risked everything for it. That was your chance, Papou, and I'm asking now to have mine.
(long pause)
Papou: (in English) Go.

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