A Simple Plan
written by Scott B. Smith, based on his novel

Jacob: You know, maybe I can get a family of my own now. I mean, with the money and all. Why? Don't you think somebody would marry me if I'm rich?
Hank (Bill Paxton): You don't need money for that.
Jacob: (disbelieving) Hank...
Hank: Hey, come on. What about... uh, what was her name? Carrie Richards? She liked you even though you were broke-dick.
Jacob: Oh, her. Yeah. That was a whole different deal. That was... Her -- her friends, they pitched in a hundred bucks all together and betted her that she wouldn't go steady with me for a month.
Hank: Jesus, Jacob. I... I thought you guys had a thing.
Jacob: I don't know. It... It weren't that bad. I mean, actually, it was kind of cool. We used to walk around together a lot, you know. Take walks, you know? And, uh, we talked about all kinda cool stuff. I held hands with her one time. We were walking around, but my hand sweated so much she kinda had to let it go. I was nervous, I guess. But it was cool. When the month was over, she, uh... y'know, say hi to me sometimes in the hallway when I'd see her. She didn't have to do that. That was cool of her. God, Hank, you know, I've never -- I've never even kissed a girl before. And you know what? If being rich will change that, I'm all for it. I don't care. I just wanna feel it, you know? I just wanna know what people do, you know? I don't care if it's 'cause of the money. (he starts to get out of the car) Hank? I'm gonna be happy now, right?
Hank: Sure you are. We all are.
Jacob: Yeah, that's right. We all are. I'm gonna, you know, buy back the farm, You know? And have, uh... and have a lot of kids, 'cause I'll meet this nice girl And she'll be really cool to me And be really nice. Just normal, a normal woman, you know. And then you and Sarah will come over and bring Amanda, and we'll all sit around and tell stories and stuff. We'll drink on the porch like Dad and Uncle Ted used to do. You know?
Hank: Yeah.
(They look at each other for a moment. Jacob leaves the car and walks slowly to the house on uneven legs.)

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