written by Andrew Kevin Walkerr

Mills (Brad Pitt):You ever take a bullet?
Somerset (Morgan Freeman): Never in my thirty-four years, knock wood. I've only taken my gun out three times with the intention of using it. Never pulled the trigger. Not once. You?
Mills: Yeah. But no, but I never took a bullet, but...I pulled my gun once. Shot it once.
Somerset: Really?
Mills: It was my first one of these. We were a secondary unit. I was pretty shaky going in, I was a rookie then. Anyway, we bust open the door looking for this junkie. And, uh, the fucker just opened fire on us. One cop got hit in the arm. Christ, what was his name? It spun him like a, more like slow-motion. I remember...riding in that ambulance...well, he died right there. Right there. Christ, what was his fucking name?

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