Sense & Sensibility
written by Emma Thompson, from novel by Jane Austen

Elinor: [trying hard to be controlled] Edward made his promise a long time ago, long before he met me. Though he may harbor some regrets, I believe he will be happy in the knowledge that he did his duty and kept his word. After all - after all that is bewitching in the idea of one's happiness depending entirely on one person, it is not always possible. We must accept. Edward will marry Lucy - and you and I will go home.
Marianne (Kate Winslet): Always resignation and acceptance! Always prudence and honor and duty! Elinor, where is your heart?
Elinor: [Finally explodes She turns upon Marianne almost savagely] What do you know of my heart? What do you know of anything but your own suffering? For weeks, Marianne, I've had this pressing on me without being at liberty to speak of it to a single creature. It was forced upon me by the very person whose prior claims ruined all my hopes. I have had to endure her exultation again and again whilst knowing myself to be divided from Edward forever. Believe me, Marianne, had I not been bound to silence I could have produced proof enough of a broken heart even for you!

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