written by Barbara Benedek & David Rayfiel, from the play from Samuel A. Taylor, from the original screenplay by Billy Wilder, Samuel Taylor, & Ernest Lehman

(Sabrina goes to Davidís room when she sees his light come on, however it is actually Linus retrieving something from Davidís walk-in closet. Linus is listening from the closet throughout the speech.)
(Sabrina knocks on the door.)
Linus: Come in.
Sabrina: I came to say goodbye.
Linus: What?
(He starts to come out of the closet.)
Sabrina: Donít come out. (he stops) If I look at you I might not be able to get through this.
Linus: Okay.
Sabrina: Please donít say anything. Iím leaving tomorrow for Paris, and Iíll be away a long time. I donít expect you to think of me while Iím gone, you havenít thought of me while I was here. I just wanted to say, I think I know you better than anyone else. I mean whatever they think, or say, I knew the truth. That youíre a wonderful person, kind and generous and- and for what itís worth, know that someone very far away is thinking of you. So if thereís anything I could ever do -- (Linus comes out of the closet.)
Linus: Could you bring me back one of those little Eiffel tower paperweights?
Sabrina: Oh god!
(She runs from the room.)

Kudos and much thanks go to Sarah for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.