written (and performed) by Slyvester Stallone

Rocky: Eh, y'know, when I was your age, there was only one girl in the whole neighborhood who talked like that, y'know what I mean? That was it, just one. (as she lights a cigarette) Whatta ya doing? C'mon, it'll make your teeth yellow, don't do that!
Marie (Jodi Letizia): I like yellow teeth!
Rocky: It'll make your breath like garbage.
Marie: Maybe I like garbage!
Rocky: C'mon, nobody likes garbage (he throws the cigarette away) Anyway, this girl with the dirty mouth, she wasn't bad-looking but y'see, none of the guys ever took her seriously, y'see? They never took her out for any serious dates.
Marie: Why?
Rocky: Because that's the way guys are. They laugh when you talk dirty, they think you're cute, but after awhile, you get a reputation and that's it. You get no respect, y'understand? You get no respect! I gotta use a bad word: whore. Y'understand? Whore. See, you use dirty words and maybe you seem like a whore, y'understand. (he opens a door for her)
Eh, it don't matter that you're 12. It don't matter. You don't really have to be one, you just act like one and that's it. Boom. Eh, you get a bad rep, y'understand? Twenty years from now, twenty years from now, people'll say 'you remember Marie?' ("playing both parts") 'No, who's she?' 'She was the l'il whore that hung around the Atomic Clothing shop.' 'Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, now I remember her!' Y'see, they don't remember you, they remember the rep! Y'understand? Eh, you gotta boyfriend? No, you ain't gotta boyfriend? Y'know why? Why do you think you don't got a boyfriend? Because you hang out with those coconuts on the corner, y'understand? You hang out with coconuts, you get nowhere. They're eleven, eleven. You hang out with nice people, you get nice friends, y'understand? You hang out with smart people, you get smart friends. You hang out with yo-yo people, you get yo-yo friends! Y'see, it's simple mathematics. I hope you ain't gonna--
Marie: (interrupting) I won't!
Rocky: What was I gonna say?
Marie: You hope I stop acting like a whore so I won't turn into one, right?
Rocky: Yeah, something like that.
Marie: 'Night Rocky. (at the porch of her tenement apartment)
Rocky: 'Night Marie. Eh, take care.
Marie: Hey, Rocky?
Rocky: Yo?
Marie: (giving the finger) Screw you, creep-o! (she leaves)
(Rocky shuffles off down the street, looking frustrated and sad)
Rocky: (to himself) Yeah, who are you to give advice, creep-o?

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