Rebel Without A Cause
written by Nicholas Ray, Irving Shulman, and Stewart Stern
monologue adapted by the donator

Judy: He must hate me. He hates me. I know he does. He looks at me like I'm the ugliest thing in the world. He doesn't like my friends. He doesn't like one thing about me. He called me - he called me a dirty tramp. My own father. I don't know if he means it. I mean maybe he doesn't mean it, but he acts like he does. We were together. We were gonna celebrate Easter and we were gonna catch a double bill. Big Deal! So I put on my new dress and I came out, and he grabbed my face and started rubbing off all the lipstick. I thought he'd rub off my lips. And I ran out of that house. I'll never get close to anybody.

Kudos and much thanks go to a big James Dean fan for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.