Raging Bull
written by Paul Schrader & Mardik Martin, from the book by Jake LaMotta, Joseph Carter, & Peter Savage

Joey: (yelling) This Janiro's an up-and-coming fighter, this kid you gotta knock out. Knock out this fuckin' kid! I'm telling you, this is your step towards gettin' a shot at the title. Listen to me: I'm telling you. You've been killin' yourself for three years. There's nobody left -- they're afraid to fight you. This Janiro's up-and-coming. He don't know. Fuckin' tear him apart, wipe him out! What are you worried about? Your weight? Look, even if you lose they're gonna think you're weak; they're gonna match you with guys they were afraid to match you with before, and then you'll kill them and you'll get your title shot. And if you beat this kid Janiro, they gotta give you a shot at the title because there's nobody else. Either way you win and you do it on your own -- just like you want it. All right?

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