Rachel Getting Married
written by Jenny Lumet

Kym: Why would it hurt you? It wasn't about you.
Rachel (Rosemarie DeWitt): Why not?
Paul (Bill Irwin): Rachel...
Rachel: Stop Dad! Why not? Why wasn't it about me? I mean, I was hopeful... I was on your side, still am. Do you have any idea what that means... Do you have any idea how lonely it was here with everybody gone to your terrible little world, I mean there was nothing left, everybody was just...empty. Do you think that they knew I was alive or needed anything during your...life? And after all that, the fights, the screaming, the blaming, the loneliness, and Mom and Dad and the divorce, and the...death. All the fucking hopefulness, and dad not even being able to listen to music anymore. You were lying about us instead of telling the truth about yourself!
Kym: God, Rach...
Paul: What... is this about, girls?
Rachel: Well, apparently, she has a whole history of sexual molestation that we didn't know about.
Paul: Kym, what's your sister saying? Are you saying that you were sexually molested?
Kym: It was a long time ago...
Paul: Were you?
Kym: No
Paul: Why in god's name would you say something like that?!
Kym: It was an anonymous exercise, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Rachel: Dad, look at me, okay? I am right here, okay? And I am telling you that after Ethan died I wanted her to get better, or just die, and--
Paul: Rachel, she is better.
Rachel: No, no, recovery doesn't work if you lie, she knows that. I am worthless to her! She doesn't give a shit about me!
Kym: You are not worthless. How dare you... You're my sister!
(long pause)
Kym: I love you guys... I need you guys, but you don't get to sit around for the rest of my life deciding what I'm supposed to be like.I mean, you weren't there. You weren't inside of my head when I was fucked up, you are certainly not there now, you haven't got any idea how I feel...
Rachel: Kym, you took him for granted, okay, you were high for his life, you were not present. Okay, you were high.
Kym: Yes...
Rachel: And you drove him off a bridge, and now he's dead.
Paul: Rachel, it was an accident...
Kym: Yes, I was. Yes I was stoned out of my mind... Who do I have to be now? I mean, I could be Mother Theresa, it wouldn't make a difference what I did... Did I sacrifice every bit of...love, in this life because I killed our little brother?
Paul: It was an accident... It was an--
Kym: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry...
(She gets up and leaves.)

Credit and many thanks to Rachel for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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