The Old Dark House
written by Benn W. Levy, J.B. Priestley, & R.C. Sherriff
(directed by James Whale, who directed "Frankenstein," "Bride of Frankenstein" and was depicted in 1998's "Gods & Monsters")

Rebecca Femm: My sister Rachel had this room once. She died when she was twenty-one. She was a wicked one. Handsome. And wild as a hawk. All the young men used to follow her about. With her red lips and her big eyes and her white neck. But that didn't save her. She fell off her horse, hunting. Hurt her spine. On this bed she lay month after month. Many the time I sat here listening to her screaming.
Margaret Waverton (Gloria Stuart): How dreadful.
Rebecca: She used to cry out to me... to kill her. But I'd tell her to turn to the Lord. But she didn't. She was godless to the last.
Margaret: Well, I'd better change my wet things.
Rebecca: They were all godless here. They used to bring their women here. Brazen, lolling creatures in silks and satins. They filled the house with laughter and sin, laughter and sin. If I ever went down among them -- my own father and brothers -- they would tell me to go away and pray. They wouldn't tell Rachel to go away and pray. Ha ha ha ha ha! And I prayed! I left them with their lustful red and white women. My father's still alive. He's upstairs. He's very old.
Margaret: Oh, is he?
Rebecca: He's a hundred and two.
Margaret: That's very old, isn't it?
Rebecca: He's a wicked, blasphemous old man. You're wicked, too. Young and handsome. Silly. And wicked. You think of nothing but your long, straight legs and your white body and how to please your man. You revel in the joys of fleshly love, don't you? That's fine stuff, but it'll rot. [putting a finger to Margaret's chest] That's finer stuff, still. But it'll rot, time.

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