The Opposite of Sex
written by Don Roos

Jason: Ow, that's pierced! Ow!!
Bill: Listen to me, you little grunge faggot. I survived my family, my schoolyard, every Republican, every other Democrat, Anita Bryant, the Pope, the fucking Christian Coalition, not to mention a real son of a bitch of a virus, in case you haven't noticed, and in all that time since Paul Lynde and Truman Capote were the only fairies in America, I've been busting my ass so that you'd be able to do what you wanted with yours! So I don't just want your obedience right now, which I do want and plenty of it, but I want your fucking gratitude, and I want it right fucking now, or you're going to be looking down a long road at your nipple in the dirt! Do you hear what I'm saying?!
Jason Bock: Yes!!
Bill Truitt: Take me to them!
Jason: Okay, okay, just let me go! (Bill lets go) Ow, ow! You're supposed to be my brother, man!
Bill: Hey, I was brotherly, man. Think where else you're pierced. Let's go.

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