written by Murray Galbraith

How can it be, that one person, one single moment, one of anything change anything? Does safety not come in numbers? I am not only sure that it does, I am also prepared to give evidence forth to support the concept. On a normal day, a normal life hangs in the balance, their daily mishaps and mistakes hopefully not out-weighing their simple naivete.
But, on the rare occasion that this person walks through an aspect of life's vortex, maybe they discover masturbation, comic books, hip-hop, volunteer work or microwave dinners eaten with three friends on Sunday nights, is it viable concept that these moments could possibly change us forever? - and if so, does it matter? Does anything really matter?
Again, possibly not, but it seems to. It doesn't matter why; perhaps the greatest regret of the human race is its regret. All the times we have as a whole looked back with an almighty fucking sigh and just forgotten about why we are here...to move on. To move forwards, to reproduce, to forge relationships with one another, to live and let live, to hold our heads high and trudge on through thick and thin, no matter what, because we are here for SOMETHING. Who cares what, that's for the adults to decide, all that matters is that we try our darnedest to get wherever it is that we have been put here to find.
March forward, one and all. Some may call it blind faith, some may even call it stupidity, but for those of us with just a little humanity left-over from the big city's grinding cynicism...
It's beautiful and its real.

Kudos and much thanks go to Murray for the donation of his monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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