What Is Making Out All About?
written by Mike Nelson (head writer) et al. Best Brains

Tom Servo: Oh well, I guess I've heard about it before, too...It just never struck me like it did today. It seemed brand new and well I have so many questions. Like: Why? Why does one make out? And once you've started, how do you know you're done? And now, I consider it a greeting, like a firm handshake. Only with the lips, am I right? Oh yeah, is it necessary to USE the lips? I mean could I kiss with my forehead or my elbow? And are your teeth involved? And where in the heck do you store your tongue?? And another thing -- Do you suck or blow? Is it under some sort of strict rabbinical supervision or something? And here's a puzzler: Who kisses whom? And when? I mean, being a robot can I kiss animals? Or am I confined to a single species? Oh yeah, I can't pucker, is THAT a handicap? Ohhhh...How can a man in a single lifetime know everything there is to know about making out?!?!
Joel: You know something, mister? You ask too many questions! [Gives Tom Servo a big, sloppy, wet kiss] You know? I've always wanted to do that!! [Runs off giggling]
Tom: Hmmmm....

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