written by Patty Jenkins

(Selby (Christina Ricci) has recently discovered that her girlfriend Aileen is a serial killer preying on men.)
Aileen: Yeah, we're gonna have a drink and we're gonna forget about all of this. Cheers.
(She drinks a shot.)
Selby: Lee, this isn't funny.
Aileen: You don't know what's going on, Sel. I do. So if you wanna keep your eyes shut to the whole world, then the least you can do is hear me out. ... Now ... ... it's not what you think it is.
Selby: I know what it is.
Aileen: No, you don't know my life, Selby! But I know yours. And I've done everything in the whole wide world hoping you'd never have to know. So, so you could go on thinking that people are good, and kind and that should make sense, you know? 'Cause I love that about you, Sel. But I can't.
Selby: No, no, I don't want to hear this, Lee.
Aileen: But you need to.
Selby: We can be as different as we wanna be, but you can't kill people!
Aileen: SAYS WHO? ... ... I'm good with the Lord. I'm fine with him. And I know how you were raised, alright? And I know how people fuckin' think out there, and fuck, it's gotta be that way. They've gotta tell you that 'Thou shall not kill' shit and all of that. But that's not the way the world works, Selby. Cuz I'm out there every fuckin' day living it. Who the fuck knows what God wants? People kill each other every day and for what? Hm? For politics, for religion, and THEY'RE HEROES! No, no... there's a lot of shit I can't do anymore, but killing's not one of them. And letting those fucking bastards go out and rape someone else isn't either!
Selby: No, Lee, that was one man! They can't all have been bad!
Aileen: You know me. You think I could do it otherwise? I'm not a bad person, I'm a real good person. Alright? So don't feel bad. It's life, Sel. People like you and me go down every fucking day. But not us. Alright? (beat) Hey, it's almost over. Look at this... (she pulls a large wad of cash from a box) ... this is everything. Everything you ever wanted. Just a little more and a car and we're outta here. We have a shot, Sel. We have a shot at a real life, not this. A real one.

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