Mirror, Mirror
written by Joe

Every single day the clock strikes ten and it's the same routine. Up to bed, change the clothes, gargle, spit and rinse. But something special happens after I spit. As I slowly lift my head, I meet someone strange in the mirror. His face is covered in unwanted toothpaste suds and the dreary bags under his eyes indicate that his life isn't always easy. He cocks his head and I ask him how he is. Alright, he replies sleepily. Then I ask him how he can look at himself in the mirror each night. When he thinks of all the hearts he's broken, all the days he's wasted, all the tears he's cried. How does he go on. when life hurts so much? Now I have his attention. I proceed to convey to him that pain is as common as air. What's life worth, anyway? When does it all pay off? What does the world ever do for him? He strokes his unshaven chin and ponders how many times someone gave him a swift kick in the soul. How do you go on, I ask. With a sudden start, he runs to his unsuspecting wife. He grabs her and hugs her for a long time, rocking slowly. He lets go and gazes into her sapphire eyes and sees pure white love in them. He returns quickly and looks me straight in the eyes and replies: "easy."

Kudos and much thanks go to the author Joe for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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