Moonlight Mile
written by Brad Silberling

Joe: Dear Bertie, You asked me before where I went. And I wanted to tell you. I went to a place where nothing's right, where every word hurts, every moment's backwards, every sky's without color, without hope. I tried to come back, Bertie. But I got lost. And while I was gone, I met you. And I didn't even have the courage to realize that I was home. A wise friend of mine told me "We all have our homes." And now I know it's true. I hope you get this letter, Bertie. I figure I got 75 chances. 'Cause if you do, you'll know that in the end, that's where I was. I found home, Bertie. I found you. I hope you can find yours soon. Get there -- as fas as you can. And write me when you do. Love, Joe.

Kudos and much thanks go to Tattered for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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