written by P.T. Anderson

Claudia: I'm really nervous that you're gonna hate me soon. You're gonna find stuff out about me and you're gonna hate me.
Jim: No. Like what? What do you mean?
Claudia: You have so much -- so many good things. And you seem so together. You're a police officer and you seem so straight and put together -- without any problems.
Jim: I lost my gun today.
Claudia: What?
Jim: I lost my gun today when I left you and I'm the laughingstock of a lot of people. I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to know and it's on my mind. And it makes me look like a fool. And I feel like a fool. And you asked that we should say things -- that we should say what we're thinking and not lie about things. Well, I can tell you that, this, that I lost my gun today -- and I am not a good cop. And I'm looked down at. And I know that. And I'm scared that once you find that out you may not like me.
Claudia: Jim. That, that was so--
Jim: I'm sorry.
Claudia: --great. What you just said.