Diary of a Mad Black Woman
written by Tyler Perry

Helen (Kimbery Elise): Let me explain something to you. Old Helen is gone...And you will not talk to me like that. Now I came here to help you. But now, I'm gonna get even...Shut up! You want Brenda and your kids? Do you see what you left me for? This is what you left me for. She didn't give a damn about you Charles. She told them to let you die. I was your wife I loved you, I never would've hurt you. Why did you do this to me? To us? Answer me! And you know what's funny? I gave you life even though you took it from me. Your kids, your boys....I wanted children Charles. And had you not been with those whores, we would have had them. Got me all stressed out, my hair falling, my weight up and down can't keep anything down. Two miscarriages. You took life away from me and you never said I'm sorry. I'm gonna let you sit here for a few days and think about what I said.

Credit and many thanks to an anonymous donator for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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