A Girl Named Trudy
from TV series "Quantum Leap" (1989-1993) episode "Jimmy"

Al: There was a girl named...Trudy.
Sam: Al, I don't have time for--
Al: She was retarded, Sam! Her I.Q. was lower than Jimmy's. And all the kids in the neighborhood...they used to tease her. Kids can be cruel. They'd call her names like Dummy and Monkeyface... and I hated it. I used to get in fights all the time over this. But that's what big brothers are for, right? My mother couldn't handle it. That's probably why she ran off with this stupid encyclopedia salesman. But my dad tried to keep us all together. He was a construction worker, you know, he went from job to job, and then when it took him to the Middle East, I wound up in an orphanage, and she wound up in an institution. When I was old enough I went back there for her. But it was too late. She was gone, Sam. (beat) Pneumonia, they said. (voice cracking, he's nearly breaking down) How does a sixteen-year-old girl die from pneumonia in 1953, Sam!? (beat) We're not gonna lose Jimmy! Right?
Sam: Right.
Al: Right.

Kudos and much thanks go to Christopher for the donation of this monologue, it is very much appreciated.