The People vs. Larry Flynt
written by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski

Larry: I have a thought for you. Murder is illegal... but you take a picture of somebody committing the act of murder, they'll put you on the cover of Newsweek.You might even win a Pulitzer Prize. And yet, sex is legal. Everybody's doin' it, or wants to be to be doin' it. Yet you take a picture of two people in the act of sex or you just take a picture of a woman's naked body and they'll put you in jail. Now, I have a message for all you good, moral, Christian people who are complaining that breasts and vaginas are obscene. Hey, don't complain to me. Complain to the manufacturer. Okay? And although Jesus told us not to judge, I know you're going to judge anyway, so judge sanely. Judge with your eyes open. What do you consider obscene? Is this obscene to you? (A picture of a nude woman is displayed on the screen behind him) Or perhaps that's obscene to you. (More nudity.) Maybe this is obscene to you. (Ibid.) But what is more obscene, this (A photo of a murder.)... or this? (Nudity.) This... (A slave, horribly scarred) or this? (Nudity. The pictures on the screen continue to alternate between human cruelty and nudity as he continues to speak.) You know, politicians and demagogues like to say that sexually explicit material corrupts the youth of our country and yet they lie, cheat and start unholy wars. Look at them. (Nazi soldiers goose-stepping are on the screen) They call themselves men. They're sheep in a herd. I think the real obscenity comes from raising our youth to believe that sex is bad and ugly and dirty and yet it is heroic to go spill guts and blood in the most ghastly manner in the name of humanity. With all the taboos attached to sex, it's no wonder we have the problems we have, it's no wonder that we're angry and violent and genocidal, but ask yourself the question: what is more obscene... sex or war?
(The pictures on the screen have switched to pictures of war exclusively , culminating in an atomic explosion.)

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