Kids in the Hall
from the TV series created by Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce = McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson

Mass Murderer: The difficult thing about being a mass murderer = isn't the murdering part. It's the mass part. It's the pace you've gotta = keep up, the sheer volume of murdering. 'Cause the funny thing about = killing: After the first time you've killed, the second time it's easy. = The third time you start to get cocky, so you gotta be careful. You = know, you gotta stay humble or you make dumb mistakes. And, oh, by = around the seventh time you're likely to feel like you're in a bit of a rut. Want to get artistic with it, you know, start cutting off the = middle toe of each victim so you'll be known as "The Middle Toe = Murderer." By that point, I don't know, I think that's showboating. You = know, you gotta ask yourself: "Who am I doing this for? Am I doing it = for myself or for the press?" Around about the twentieth murder, well, = you're likely to be sick of the whole thing. You know, sometimes I don't = even want to look at another corpse. I feel if I even see a chainsaw, = I'll scream. It's like what happened the other day: I had just finished = ending a human life in a senseless act of violence when I run into this = old friend of mine from high school. And he says, "Hey! Whatcha been = doin'?" And I think to myself, "What HAVE I been doing? What am I doing = with my life? Where's this leading? Am I gonna be doing this at fifty?" = Sometimes I think I really should go back to college.

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