Kill Bill v.2
written by Quentin Tarantino; the character of The Bride created by Quentin Tarantino & Uma Thurman

(as he speaks, Bill is making sandwiches for BB and himself.)
Bill: You know, sweetie, Mommy's kinda mad at Daddy.
BB: Why, Daddy? Were you being a bad daddy?
Bill: I'm afraid I was. I was a real bad daddy. Our little girl learned about life and death the other day. (to B.B.) Wanna tell Mommy about what happened to Emilio?
BB: ....I...killed him.
Bill: Emilio was her goldfish.
BB: Emilio was my 'goldfiss'.
Bill: She came running into my room holding the fish in her hand, crying, "Daddy daddy, Emilio's dead." And I said, "Really, that's so sad. How did he die?" And what did you say?
BB: I stepped on him.
Bill: Actually, young lady, the words you so strategically used were, "I accidentally stepped on him." To which I queried, "Just how did your foot accidentally find its way into Emilio's fishbowl?" And she said, "No, no, no. Emilio was on the carpet when I stepped on him." Mmm. The plot thickens. "And just how did Emilio get on the carpet?" And Mommy, you would've been so proud of her. Heh. She didn't lie, she said she took Emilio out of his bowl and put him on the carpet. And what was Emilio doing on the carpet?
BB: Flapping.
Bill: And then you stomped on him.
BB: Uh-huh.
Bill: And when you lifted up your foot what was Emilio doing then?
BB: Nothing.
Bill: He stopped flapping, didn't he? (BB nods) She told me later, that the second she lifted up her foot and saw Emilio not flapping, she knew what she had done. Is that not the perfect visual image of life and death? A fish flapping on the carpet and a fish not flapping on the carpet. So powerful that even a four-year-old with no concept of life or death knew what it meant.
(a new scene: Bill is tucking BB into bed.)
Bill: You loved Emilio, didn't you?
BB: Uh-huh.
Bill: Well, I love Mommy too. But I did to Mommy what you did to Emilio.
BB: You stomped on Mommy?
Bill: Worse. I shot Mommy. Not pretend shooting like we were just doing. I shot her for real.
BB: Why? Did you want to see what would happen?
Bill: No, I knew what would happen to Mommy if I shot her. What I didn't know is when I shot Mommy what would happen to me.
BB: What happened?
Bill: I was very sad. And that's when I learned, some things, once you do, they can never be undone.

Kudos and much thanks go to Angel for this monologue, it is very much appreciated. Many thanks to Brian for corrections to this piece.

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