Kara's Monologue on One of Her Best Friends
as spoken by Kara, transcribed by C. Ryono

(Ed. Note: Kara is my best friend here at my college. She improvised this monologue about her doll George during a phone conversation. I got her to relate it again, and I copied it down, saying that it would go here sometime. I promised you... P.S, Kara is perfectly normal--she just understandably loves her George. Threaten him with violence, see what happens.)

Kara: George is a year younger than I am. If you turn down his hat, you can see how red he used to be, but he's kinda faded now. But he's my monkey and I love him. I took him to every continent I've ever been or--every country--except I didn't take him to Belize or Florida the first time I went, 'cause I thought I was too old. He's had a very interesting life...'cause he's really curious. When I was really little, he...um...he got too curious and he ended up under my sister's pile of dirty clothes for about a month. And then one time, he ran off when we were in the supermarket, and we didn't find him for a long time, but then we saw him at the checkout counter, and the store girl wanted to keep him.
Colin (ME): And you had to break her heart?
Kara: He wanted to come home! One time we were playing and I forgot him and left him overnight in the sandbox--in the rain. Once we were going to see a movie, and I split scalding hot chocolate all over him and he wasn't very happy at all. He almost very nearly got mad. But he's my co-pilot; I take him with me on planes everywhere. We like to travel together. And I still sleep with him every night.

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