Jackie Brown
written by Quentin Tarantino, from the novel by Elmore Leonard

(Ordell opens the trunk of his car, revealing the contents to Louis)
Louis: Who was that?
Ordell: That was Beaumont.
Louis: Who's Beaumont?
Ordell: An employee I had to let go. Louis: What did he do? Ordell: He put himself in a situation where he was gonna have to do ten years in the penitentiary, that's what he did. (taking out a Viceroy cigar and lighting it up) And if you know Beaumont, you know there ain't no way in hell he can do no ten years. And if you know that, you know Beaumont's gonna do any goddam thing Beaumont can to keep from doin those ten years, including tellin' the federal government anything and everything they want to know about my black ass. Now that, my friend, is a clear case of him or me. And you best believe it ain't gonna be me. You know what I'm sayin? You gonna come in on this with me, you gotta be prepared to go all the way. I got me so far over half-a-million dollars sittin in lockboxes in a bank in Cabo San Lucas. Me and Mr. Walker make us one more big delivery, I'm gonna have me over a million. Now, you think I'm gonna let this little cheese-eatin nigga here fuck that up? Shit, you better think again. 'Fore I let this deal get fucked up, I'll shoot that nigga in the head and ten other niggas look just like 'im. (pause) Understand what I'm sayin?
Louis: Yeah.
Ordell: So we on the same page, then?
Louis: I follow.
(They bump fists.)

Kudos and much thanks go to Shawn for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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