My Own Private Idaho
written by Gus Van Sant, based on the play by William Shakespeare

Mike: You can always tell where you are by the way the road looks. Like I just know that I been to this place before. I just know that I been stuck here like this one fuckin' time before, you know that? There ain't no other road on earth that looks like this road. I mean, exactly like this road. One of a kind. Like someone's face. Like a fucked up face... Once you see it, even for a second, you remember it, and you better not forget it, you gotta remember people and who they are, right? Friends and enemies. You gotta remember the road and where it is too...(he moves suddenly, as if to scare a small rabbit on the side of the road).. I Just love to scare things... I don't know. It gives me a sense of....power. This is nowhere. I'll bet that nobody is ever going to drive down this road. I'll be stuck here forever. I don't know when it was I recognized I had this disease. Sometimes I'll be in one place, and I'll close my eyes... When I open them again, I'll be in a completely different surrounding It's kind of like time travel. It's kind of good. Yeah. It's kind of good. Passes the time. Unwanted as it is.

Kudos and much thanks go to Adelaide for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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