From the episode "Suitcase"
episode written by David Milch, John Romano, and Darrell Vienna; from the TV series created by Steven Bochco and Michael Kozoll

Sid (Peter Jurasik): Crazy, am I right, Norm? I just blow our connect with a shy that I'm trying to set you up with, what, three weeks now? And now, Norm, I'm layin' hands on you. So this is how you got to know what has come into our lives, Norm, is so is so powerful, Norm, or else I don't take the shot.
Norm (Dennis Franz): Tell me about the suitcase.
Sid: Did you see that suitcase?
Norm: Yeeees.
Sid: Did you see the way that kid was bent over with the weight of that thing? Do you know what was in it? Soda, Norm. Uncut. Direct from an air disaster. Not a pound, Norm. Which a pound, uncut, streets for twenty, twenty-two five. But it's not a pound, Norm. And it's not ten pounds, Norm, which ten pounds conservative, moves at a deuce in six figures and gets two people...outta this stikin' rat hole and set up by any water we could think of. Not domestic water, Norm, did I say domestic water? Because it doesn't have to be domestic water, Norm. We could set up by any water in the whole stinkin' world! And it's not ten pounds, Norm, that's not the amount. And it's not twenty pounds, Norm. Which, twenty pounds, Norm, gets broads. And limousines, and a house anywhere you could think of. And not forty pounds. Not even sixty pounds, Norm, which is three quarters of a million dollars. Norm...eighty pounds! Eighty pounds, Norm! That kid's intestines were down in his testicles with the weight of that suitcase. Norm, I am going to ask you a question once, and I don't think you would respect me as a man if I didn't. That Bobby, he's a mouse. He is looking to off this stuff for high four figures--seventy-five hundred, ten grand max. Ten grand. And knowing the kind of person you are I wouldn't be surprised if you don't have that in a bank account somewhere, am I right? And now Bobby is out of the picture...and you--and me, Norm--are struggling like this with that suitcase between us. I know that you are in law enforcement, but I am asking you as a human being to consider the possibility of an entire fresh concept...and start in life. Hm? Okay, Norm, I'm going to take my hand away from your lips now. It would mean, Norm, so much to me, if you gave me some positive indication that you would consider what I am suggesting. Is there a glimmer, Norm? Is there any possibility?
Norm: None.
Sid: None? Y' what...what, in the sense of what?
Norm: None.
Sid: Meaning?
Norm: Meaning NONE.
Sid: None?!
Norm: None!

Kudos and much thanks go to Will Martin for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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