A Hard Days Night
written by Alun Owen

Paul's Grandfather (watching Ringo read a book): Have you no natural resources of your own? Have they even robbed you of that?
Ringo: You can learn from books.
Grandfather: You can, can ya? Bah! Sheeps heads! You could learn more by gettin' out there and livin'.
Ringo: Where?
Grandfather: Any old where! But not our little Richard, oh no. When you're not pumpin' on them pagan skins, you're tormenting your eyes with that rubbish.
Ringo: Books are good.
Grandfather: Paradin's better.
Ringo: Paradin'?
Grandfather: Paradin' the streets! Bowling along! Living!
Ringo: Well, I am living.
Grandfather: You? Living? When was the last time you gave a girl a pink-edged daisy? When did you last embarrass a sheila with your cool, appraising stare?
Ringo: A bit old for that sort of chat, aren't you?
Grandfather: Well, at least I've got a backlog of memories. All you've got is...that book.
Ringo: Aw, stop picking on me, you're as bad as the rest of them.
Grandfather: Ah, so you are a man after all!
Ringo: What's that mean?
Grandfather: Do you think I haven't noticed? Do you think I wasn't aware of the drift? You poor, unfortunate screwup. They've driven you into books with their cruel, unnatural treatment. Exploitin' your good nature!
Ringo: I don't know...
Grandfather: That lot's never happy unless they're jeerin' you. And where'd they be without the steady support of your drumbeat, that's what I'd like to know!
Ringo: Yeah, that's right!
Grandfather: And what's it all come to in the end?
Ringo: What's in it for me?
Grandfather: A book.
Ringo: Yeah, a bloomin' book.
Grandfather: When you could be out there, betrayin' a rich American widow, sippin' palm wine in Tahiti...before you're old, like me.
Ringo: Funny really, 'cause I never thought...but bein' middle-aged and old takes up most of your time, doesn't it?
(Ringo stands up, decisively.)
Grandfather: You're only right. Where are you going?
Ringo: I'm going paradin' before it's too late!

Kudos and much thanks go to Lloyd for this great scene , it is very much appreciated.

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