written by Mike Leigh

Scott: Yes, you are patronising me - youíre always patronising me. This is what you always wanted - this is what you set out to achieve, this is the game you played. You prodded me, you poked me, you stroked me, you teased me, you flirted with me, you sucked me in. You wore your highheeled boots and your short skirt and your low-cut top, and you flashed your tits, you tossed your hair, you played with the gearstick - YOU LIED TO ME!! This is all about you. The world has to revolve around you. Iím a driving instructor. I just wanted to do my job - you had no intention of learning how to drive. You got in that car with one thing in mind: to reel me in. And why? Because you have to be adored - youíve got to be wanted. And you drink it in, and you leave me, with a spring in your step; and you go off, and you fuck your boyfriend, and you fuck your girlfriend, and you all drive around in that stupid little yellow car!!

Credit and many thanks to Zack for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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