written by Todd Solondz

Joy: I'm so happy.
Trish: You are?
Joy: Yeah. Being around you and the kids and you know, Kooki.
(indicating the family's dog in the corner)
Trish: You really are? Oh, honey, I'm so happy you're happy. 'Cause all this time I've been thinking you were so miserable.
Joy: Oh, Trish. That's too funny, when I couldn't be happier.
Trish: You know, it's just with your music career--
Joy: Oh, my career's fine.
Trish: Oh, I know. I know, it will be. I just know it. And then you'll move out of mom and dad's.
Joy: Real soon.
Trish: And you'll meet Mr. Right.
Joy: Oh, I will. Already I feel like I'm off to a fresh start.
Trish: That's right. Just because you've hit 30 doesn't mean you can't be fresh anymore. You know Joy, I've never told you this before...but now that we're older and...I feel so bonded to you. Well, the truth is...oh, I know this is gonna sound horrible....but I feel like I have to be fully open with you, and get beyond all the old barriers, and the sibling nonsense, you know. The truth is I always thought you'd never amount to much. That you would end up alone, without a career or anything. It's what we all thought. Mom, Dad, Helen... everyone. I always prayed we'd all be wrong, but, somehow you always seemed so doomed to failure. But now I see that's not true. There's a glimmer of hope for you after all. Ah, I'm sorry, I'm repeating myself. I'm just really happy for you.
(Both sigh and embrace)

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