The Green Mile
written by Frank Darabont, from the novel by Stephen King

Paul: (to Percy) You shut up and listen. You deserved to be punished for what you did to Del. You'll accept it like a man, or we'll make you sorry you were ever born. We'll tell people how you sabotaged Del's execution.
Percy: Sabotaged!
Paul: And how you pissed yourself like a frightened little girl. Yes, we'll talk, that's a given. But, Percy, mind me now. We'll also see you beaten within an inch of your life. We know people, too, are you so foolish you don't realize that? People with friends and loved ones doing time in this prison. People who'd be happy to amputate you nose or your penis just so someone they care about could get an extra three hours in the exercise yard every week. Let bygones be bygones. Nothing's hurt so far but your pride. And nobody need ever know about that except the people in this room.

Kudos and much thanks go to Neil for this monologue, it is very much appreciated. This monologue was taken directly from the film's screenplay, so there may be differences between this and the final product you see; be advised.

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